John (aehs) wrote,

I'm bored enough to post here..

New albums I reccommend people checking out..

Sevendust - Next (I just got it before it's released this coming teusday, kicks ass)
Crownevict (local band out of Manchester, NH)
System of a down - mezmerize
Genuflect - demo cd.. (reminds me of the first Reveille CD, for any Reveille fans definitly check this out)
Smile Empty Soul (I really like there new cd)
Disturbed (I have not listened to this yet)
Staind (also have not listened to this much yet)
Bloodhound Gang (I have only listened to a few songs, but it sounds good)
311 (same with above, only listened to a few)
Avenged Sevenfold (only listened to about half of it, but i'm really into the song Bat Country)
Dredg (kind of a unique sound, dunno I like it)
Silent Civilian (Spineshank fans.. this is the band Johnny is now in)
Cold (I really like the new single off this cd)
Children Of Bodom (I really like the new cd, just more of what these guys put out and its awesome)
Coheed and Cambria (I don't have this cd but the new single is very good, I have heard good things)
Deftones (the new b-sides and rareties cd, I really like this cd.. Mostly the acoustic songs.. free listen on myspace)
Ill Nino (I really like the new cd)
Killradio (I saw these guys live with mindless self indulgence, really catchy tunes)
Mindless Self Indulgence (If your a fan what so ever get this cd)
Strapping Yound Lad (I like the new cd to, just gotta be into the genre)
Sum 41 (Really enjoying the new cd)
Tommy Lee (He has a new cd out, I listened to it a bit and like what I heard)

I'm sure I missed a few or have even mentioned some of these already in other posts but whatever.

Lately i've been mostly listening to Muse.. really good stuff.
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