John (aehs) wrote,

So normally on tv I watch CSI.. interesting enough as is.. but tonight I started watching this newer show nip/tuck.. like every single scene involved sex.. sex with some marine and his patient argueing about being gay, this father bitching about these two teens having sex.. it was like watching a soap opera with all the drama and only sex scenes. Then I just watched this last scene.. this girl shows up at this guy's apartment and he's like oh we are staying in tonight and she's all happy and excited. She asks for wine and he gives her some then tells her not to get to drunk yet.. he then tells her to slip inot something nice and she's like.. well I didn't bring anything else to wear.. all confused. He's like oh I went shopping and they go into the bedroom and there is a lil brown bag on the bed and she's like.. uhh it's a bag. He's goes oh I went grocery shopping.. he smiles then explains to her he wants her to wear the bag on her head while he has sex with her. He says to her cmon this is your only chance to have sex with a guy like me, the next scene is her bent over on the bed getting screwed wearing a bag.. he finishes and she takes the bag off her head and she was crying.. oh and her face was kinda ugly.. ha.. this show is just so fucked.
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