John (aehs) wrote,

Update on life/work

I have not updated this thing in a while... I totally forgot to log into this thing so i've been missing tons of friends only entry's.. oh well.

Small update on life.. pretty much this whole year has been going beyond good. It started with the new car.. no problems as of yet. I drive around an expensive sedan better then all the car's in my family imo. My car insurance policy just went down $1000 as well! So happy about that. I'm making good money.. my job is just insane. I have so much work to do and i'm becoming such a valueable person working there. I've decided to take my career path in the RMA field. Eventually leading to Supply Chain Management (lots of $$$). My boss continues to praise my work and how much I get done. As of Today me and Sheala's have been together 3 months today! Happy 3 months babe!

I've now got 2 offices at work. Here are some pictures of my work place.

This is my main desk/computer.. look you can see Bryce through the glass!! haha

This is a view from me standing at my desk, mostly showing the customer support area.

This is my 3000 Sq ft 2nd office. I have the biggest space in the company. I hardly use any of it!

This is a view of my inventory cabinet and the entrance to the rest of the office.

Another view of my 2nd office, my 2nd computer, shipping materials.

Close up of my 2nd computer.. and yeah of course the 40 below summer sweatshirt :)

Another view, you can see all the RMA's I work on here.

Yeaaah Inventory.

Last but not least, my Sheala!
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