John (aehs) wrote,


Ok LJ friend's.. I thought i'd ask and see if anyone is interested. I work for TomTom as most of you know.. I get 40% off the first 3 TomTom's I buy for friend's. I have sold 2 so if anyone is interested in buying a GPS cheap this would be the time. I can get the ONE model for around 250$ after the discount and right now it's selling for 400-500$ in stores. Let me know...
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I'd love to, but I don't want to spend that much money on one right now...especially if I may only use it once or twice. Are you familiar with any other brands that are cheaper? I had been looking on ebay and there are some good deals for new ones.
strangely enough my mother specifically requested a GPS, not that I was expecting to get her one, but e-mail me some of the specs/features on it and we'll talk; still unsure, but I'm easily swayed.