John (aehs) wrote,

I have not posted in this all year. Thought i'd update it.. Lets see. I sold My Audi to my coworker.

Job stuff: I'm quitting TomTom, overall fairly disapointed in the company. I told the president how I felt and how I pretty much got no where in the almost 2 years I was an employee. I got a new job with this company called Omtool doing tech support, they sell very extensive pieces of software for large companys. I will hopefully learn alot, I got the job through a guy I graduated college with. I also was able to increase my pay by about 12,000 a year getting this new job so i'm pretty excited.

School: I signed up for a 6 month night class that runs mon and wed nights from 6-10pm. I started last week, this course is basicly going to help me get MCSE certified and they will also help me with job support. I may not need it after getting this new job but so far the classes have gone well. I put down 25 grand for the course, its alot but so far it's been worth it. The resume I used for my new job was modified by there career services lady when I sent it in.

Car stuff: I drove the 300zx most of the summer, decided instead of buying a beater i'd buy a newer car. I picked up a 2004 WRX for 41k miles on it for 16k. It has a ton of toys in it including a dvd / cd player / touchscreen.. it's also had some mods done to it including suspension and power mods. It's got something like 290hp to the crank. I pretty much speed without trying.. its a blast. I may keep my Z but i'm not sure, the money I could get for it would be helpful in paying off the wrx.

Relationship stuff: Well i've been single for almost 2 years, I've been going on tons of dates and meeting new girls left and right.. probably new girl every few weeks. Most just don't seem to work out, some are good friends now and what not.. just nothing more then a few dates it seems. Not really happy with that but what can I do.. I've got a date tonight and this girl seems promising, she has alot going for her and everything.

Beyond this stuff i've been mostly just hanging out with friends and trying to enjoy myself, I started running again at the gym after night classes. I want to get back into good shape like I was when I was in college.
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