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21 January
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I'm into spending time with Friends, Computers, I love Dancing, Clubbing, Party's, Working out, Running, listening to lots of WAAF finding lots of new rock/metal music, My favorite band is 40 Below Summer.. I enjoy lots of Indutrial/EBM/Gothic music.. its pretty much the only thing i'll dance to. I Drive a 92 Acura Integra. I've got blonde hair, blue eyes, i'm 5'11.
3 doors down, 30 seconds to mars, 300zx, 311, 3rd strike, 40 below summer, a perfect circle, adema, aerosmith, aghast view, alice in chains, alien ant farm, and one, apartment 26, apoptygma berzerk, aslan faction, audiovent, bella morte, blink 182, boiler room, boyhitscar, bush, chevelle, children of bodom, cinder, cky, clubbing, cold, computers, creed, dancing, darude, deftones, diecast, dimmu borgir, disturbed, dope, down, drowning pool, e-town concrete, earshot, eifel 65, evanescence, everquest, fastball, fear factory, filter, fischerspooner, flaw, foo fighters, fuel, glassjaw, godhead, godsmack, green day, guns n roses, hatebreed, hesser college, hocico, hoobastank, ill nino, incubus, injected, internet, janes addiction, jerry cantrell, jogging, kid rock, kittie, korn, led zeppelin, limp bizkit, linkin park, lostprophets, machinehead, marilyn manson, megadeth, metallica, mindless self indulgence, mp3s, mudvayne, muse, mushroomhead, new found glory, nickelback, nine inch nails, nirvana, nonpoint, nothingface, orbital, orgy, our lady peace, pantera, papa roach, party's, porcelain fishbowl, powerman 5000, primer 55, prodigy, puddle of mudd, ra, radiohead, rage against the machine, rammstien, resident evil, reveille, rob zombie, running, saliva, seether, sevendust, skindred, skinny puppy, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, socialburn, soil, spineshank, stabbing westward, staind, static-x, stereomud, stonesour, strapping young lad, stromkern, sublime, suicide commando, sum 41, swimming, switched, system of a down, taproot, tenacious d, the berzerker, the cruxshadows, the offspring, the suicide machines, theory of a deadman, three days grace, tool, trustcompany, union underground, velvet acid christ, vnv nation, waaf, white zombie, women, wumpscut, z31