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[06 Sep 2007|11:28am]
I have not posted in this all year. Thought i'd update it.. Lets see. I sold My Audi to my coworker.

Job stuff: I'm quitting TomTom, overall fairly disapointed in the company. I told the president how I felt and how I pretty much got no where in the almost 2 years I was an employee. I got a new job with this company called Omtool doing tech support, they sell very extensive pieces of software for large companys. I will hopefully learn alot, I got the job through a guy I graduated college with. I also was able to increase my pay by about 12,000 a year getting this new job so i'm pretty excited.

School: I signed up for a 6 month night class that runs mon and wed nights from 6-10pm. I started last week, this course is basicly going to help me get MCSE certified and they will also help me with job support. I may not need it after getting this new job but so far the classes have gone well. I put down 25 grand for the course, its alot but so far it's been worth it. The resume I used for my new job was modified by there career services lady when I sent it in.

Car stuff: I drove the 300zx most of the summer, decided instead of buying a beater i'd buy a newer car. I picked up a 2004 WRX for 41k miles on it for 16k. It has a ton of toys in it including a dvd / cd player / touchscreen.. it's also had some mods done to it including suspension and power mods. It's got something like 290hp to the crank. I pretty much speed without trying.. its a blast. I may keep my Z but i'm not sure, the money I could get for it would be helpful in paying off the wrx.

Relationship stuff: Well i've been single for almost 2 years, I've been going on tons of dates and meeting new girls left and right.. probably new girl every few weeks. Most just don't seem to work out, some are good friends now and what not.. just nothing more then a few dates it seems. Not really happy with that but what can I do.. I've got a date tonight and this girl seems promising, she has alot going for her and everything.

Beyond this stuff i've been mostly just hanging out with friends and trying to enjoy myself, I started running again at the gym after night classes. I want to get back into good shape like I was when I was in college.

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TomTom [16 Dec 2006|10:59am]
Ok LJ friend's.. I thought i'd ask and see if anyone is interested. I work for TomTom as most of you know.. I get 40% off the first 3 TomTom's I buy for friend's. I have sold 2 so if anyone is interested in buying a GPS cheap this would be the time. I can get the ONE model for around 250$ after the discount and right now it's selling for 400-500$ in stores. Let me know...

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[28 Oct 2006|03:59pm]
I have not updated this in a very long time.

I feel like I have very few friends left to hangout with around here. I really want to just go out more and meet new people. I have this very bad habit of meeting girls on the internet and I continue to do it.. i'm very good at it no doubt but it's just such a hassle.. I feel like I have a lack of social skills, I feel like I can't be happy alone at all.. I used to be so satisfied just sitting in my room playing games and what not but I cannot do that anymore. I get to be alone and do whatever I want and I just sit here and get depressed unless I have someone to hangout with. I basically have been hanging out with sean and going to shows. I met this girl Fiona and we have been going to some concerts together. I was hanging out with Michelle for a bit but that stopped.

I feel like everyone around my age has to be getting fucked up on something to have fun. I don't mind drinking and I enjoyed getting high at party's but so many people are doing this stuff allll the time it's just bad in my opinion.

I stopped going to the gym for the most part and I think that was helping alot. I feel like I was not making any progress and it was due to my eating habits. I've been wanting to make a plan for working out and eating but have not done it so I just have not gone to the gym at all.

Work is good, i'm not sure what i'll be doing by the end of the year because my job is changing quite a bit but they have assured me many many times there will be work for me so that is good.

I need to do something with myself. The hobby's I have are not enough.. My Z car is back on the road and fast as ever but it's nothing new really. I'd like to take guitar lessons soon but it's expensive as ever.

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[12 Jul 2006|06:38pm]
Mindless self indulgence at the palladium next thursday the 20th anyone?

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[29 Apr 2006|08:24am]
Ok I would kill right now for some concert buddy's.. I don't care who you are.. I don't even have to know you haha.. someone anyone want to go to Ill nino may 11th? Avenged sevenfold may 16th w/ 18 visions and coheed and cambria? Cmon people!

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[18 Apr 2006|10:44pm]
I will always feel and I will always care.
I wish she was my enemy but I'm still waiting
here for her to hold my hand.
For her to steal my breath.
For her to pick up the pieces of promises never kept.
She moves in slow motion
Sonically as the rain.

As the rain falls down.
Everything is still as she moves to me.
Stands still.
Maybe I'll do better on my own.
Why does everything disappear?
When all I see is you alone...
And her love moves slowly
This time now I'm dying for you to call my name.
I'm waiting.
Still fading.
So tell me I am not alone.
I'm still waiting.
I'm still fighting.

Wake me from this sleep,
So I can begin living,
Or give me the solution,
So I can start dying.
Will I start living, or start dying?
Maybe I'll do better on my own.
Why does everything disappear?
When all I see is you alone
And her love moves slowly
This time now I'm dying for you to call my name.
I'm waiting still fading.
So tell me I am not alone

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[30 Mar 2006|05:25pm]
You know, I've been listening to Korn since the very first CD. I remember being in Sam's parent's room watching MTV, thinking how awesome it was to watch music videos on the tv cause I didn't have cable tv. The Blind video came on and I was literally scared. That CD was insane. Korn really went downhill in my eyes from then on. I really like alot of the CD's no doubt but something about Jonathan Davis's voice, it became so whiney and for whatever reason that really shut me off. I just got a copy of 'See you on the other side' and this CD is probably the best Korn i've heard since the intial CD release. It's a different sound but hell it sounds awesome. The singles on this CD are really good as well.

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Update on life/work [11 Mar 2006|12:08pm]
I have not updated this thing in a while... I totally forgot to log into this thing so i've been missing tons of friends only entry's.. oh well.

Small update on life.. pretty much this whole year has been going beyond good. It started with the new car.. no problems as of yet. I drive around an expensive sedan better then all the car's in my family imo. My car insurance policy just went down $1000 as well! So happy about that. I'm making good money.. my job is just insane. I have so much work to do and i'm becoming such a valueable person working there. I've decided to take my career path in the RMA field. Eventually leading to Supply Chain Management (lots of $$$). My boss continues to praise my work and how much I get done. As of Today me and Sheala's have been together 3 months today! Happy 3 months babe!

I've now got 2 offices at work. Here are some pictures of my work place.

Work PicturesCollapse )

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[14 Jan 2006|09:11pm]
6041 Songs in my playlist.. I feel as though it's becoming hard to describe to people what I listen to. Don't get my wrong i'm always a guy who's one for lyrics and vocals but i'm really starting to enjoy alot of the hardcore/screamo/metal whatever you want to call it bands. I just picked up the new Bleeding Through "The Truth" as well as there Wolves Among Sheep DVD. I really enjoyed seeing Trivium play live, and of course Children of Bodom as well.

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[03 Jan 2006|09:57pm]
Lets see.. i've been working alot and the more I work the more responsibility's i've been getting... gives me more to do and i've been doing quite well. This past weekend I got to use a 700 model myself for the weekend.. according to my boss I think I can just keep it in my car.. very nice. Molefest was alright, not as crazy as last year.. we had some good battlefield 2 going and I got myself a new laptop last week and its blazing fast. It runs games better then my desktop. I got to spend new years with sheala and have been hanging out with her tons.. its great. she's coming with me this weekend for my dad's side of the family x-mas, it will be nice having someone to come with me.

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[18 Dec 2005|11:18am]
@ The Palladium Fri Jan 27th
tickets are $20.50

I'd love to see both these bands live, Sevendust is amazing and I really like the new Nonpoint CD. If anyone is interested let me know.. there are some more shows coming up I'd like to go to as well. Bleeding Through in March.

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[16 Dec 2005|06:33pm]
So I've been at my new job a week.. I tend to be optomistic about alot of things but this job is so much better then I expected.

-I have my own cubical space
-A huge space in the back of the area for my own work.
-My own computer and they are buying me a laptop for my own space in back, i'll be able to take it home with me.
-My manager is awesome, he took me out to lunch teusday to a nice sit down place and we talked about alot of stuff.. quite amazing being able to do this with my boss.
-Everyone I work with is really nice, alot of kids my age or around it. People work together and get stuff done. The enviorment is so casual, you don't really get watched.. I love it.
-Wensday a few men from Amsterdam were down for a couple of days and we had cake and free lunch, free sweatshirts and other random TomTom stuff. Everyone got drunk off the champagne after and we took a 2 hour lunch and joked around the entire time.. so much fun.
-I'm eventually going to get myself a free TomTom most likely, my manager said he would hook me up with one. The good one's retail at 800-900$
-My job has consisted of replacing TomTom's and reading problems, taking some extra voicemails to help out customer service and the time flys so fast. I made Net wise this week just about 1/2 as much as I was making in a month before at Filene's.
-Everyone keeps telling me how golden this position is, if I work my ass off i'll move up really fast. The company expects to grow quite a bit in the next year. I could be a manager in a really short amount of time.. that means alot more money.

I'm very excited.

Even better news is I got myself a girlfriend, most of you who care probably already heard me talking about her. She's a cute blonde with a personality, even better is her name is Sheala.. that's right her first name is like part of my last name. I'm waiting for x-mas to introduce her to my Dad's side of the family and see all the reactions to her name haha.

My New Audi A4 is also extremly sweet and fun to drive, it handles so well and takes corners like a breeze, I moved my dad's Saturn in the driveway last night and was so uncomfortable not sitting on leather :)

I feel like i'm bragging a bit here but I worked so hard to accomplish alot of this and especially the job, it's going to pay off so well.

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[09 Dec 2005|07:02pm]
Ok so I got my car last night.. did a ton of running around getting it all ready.. tryed to go to the bank > fill out papers for new job > pick up car > register car > take car to get very important timing belt changed. We only got up taking it home.. registry was closed by 7 and we didn't get home till then. We drove around today in the snow for 3 hours between going to the damn insurance company and the registry, trying to find these places and drive in the horrible weather. So I got my car and was hoping to take it down for service, By the time I got back home it was noon and the guy wanted it there by 1. So I drove all the way down to Londonderry.. was very impressed at first and was excited driving the new car in the weather it's made for.. then it started like sleating/snowing that actually stuck on the windshield.. I couldn't see shit and totally fucked up trying to find this auto place. I got on the highway taking the directions this girl gave me from a gas station.. seemed like the total wrong way.. and I could hardly see anything I had to use other car's rear lights to guide me.. I ended up getting a call from my dad during this highway fun adventure in the snow. He had the auto guy call me and I was going the total wrong way and was apparently a good 30 mins away from them due to me passing this exit.. So I told him fuck it just get me to Rt 3 so I can go home and we will reschedule later. He guided me along.. during this I spun out on the highway with about 2 lanes of car's and ended up going from the middle all the way spun around to the right side of the highway with my rear in the breakdown lane full of snow.. thank god the car's in the right were not close by and going slow enough to actually break for me. That was extremly scary.. then at an onramp that I also fucked up at, I took an exit I was not supposed to.. I was actually driving on the grass and not on the pavement way off the side of the road, I got back onto the main area of the ramp and drove home so slowly.. Then when I got to my road it wasn't plowed so I basically had to plow it myself and my car did not even clear the snow.. I got stuck a buncha times and really worked the engine, my car is now leaking some yellow/greenish fluid that is quite possibly coolant.. my fault for driving with snow under my car and being rough on it i'm sure. Took probably a good hour to get my car into my own driveway.. Has to use the neighbor's to park it until the plow came.. Then shovel off 1/2 my driveway so I could actually get into it. Today was def a bad choice for driving, and I had an AWD car! Christ.. hopefully my repairs for this leak won't be much more added to this timing belt.. I'm gonna be broke. Now if this new job works out for me i'm all set for a while and I can actually save some money and go out and do some stuff. Everyone at the company is anticipating my arrival apparently and i'm excited. I just need to get my damn car working good.

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[06 Dec 2005|07:28pm]
I just asked literally like 20 someodd people if they wanted to go see Static X with Ill Nino and no one can come! Excuses.. god it is short notice but its a weeknight cmon who is busy on a weeknight? you all suck! I would go alone but it's just so god damn lame being at a concert alone.. my last effort is Justin calling me back at 9 and me picking him up, driving 50 minutes to the show and missing about 1/2 of it to catch Static-X and probably miss most of Ill Nino.. don't even think it's worth the 25$. Dammit!

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[05 Dec 2005|11:47pm]
So normally on tv I watch CSI.. interesting enough as is.. but tonight I started watching this newer show nip/tuck.. like every single scene involved sex.. sex with some marine and his patient argueing about being gay, this father bitching about these two teens having sex.. it was like watching a soap opera with all the drama and only sex scenes. Then I just watched this last scene.. this girl shows up at this guy's apartment and he's like oh we are staying in tonight and she's all happy and excited. She asks for wine and he gives her some then tells her not to get to drunk yet.. he then tells her to slip inot something nice and she's like.. well I didn't bring anything else to wear.. all confused. He's like oh I went shopping and they go into the bedroom and there is a lil brown bag on the bed and she's like.. uhh it's a bag. He's goes oh I went grocery shopping.. he smiles then explains to her he wants her to wear the bag on her head while he has sex with her. He says to her cmon this is your only chance to have sex with a guy like me, the next scene is her bent over on the bed getting screwed wearing a bag.. he finishes and she takes the bag off her head and she was crying.. oh and her face was kinda ugly.. ha.. this show is just so fucked.

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[01 Dec 2005|07:22pm]

So I'm getting myself a winter car.. a 1998 Audi A4 1.8T  I think I got a really good deal at $5300 with 91k miles on it. Needs a timing belt done and that's gonna run me $300-500.. car is worth a good 6 or 7g. It looks like this, this one is not mine but it looks exactly like it.

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[16 Nov 2005|12:43pm]
Oh hell yes.. Very positive about this new job with TomTom.. the advancement opportunity's are going to be amazing. They are moving to the 1st floor of this building in Concord.. about 14,000 sq ft. 3000 of it is all going to be my own workspace.. how insane is that! I can't wait to start.

The new Green Day "Bullet in a Bible" is an amazing live cd, if you like green day at all I reccomend picking it up.

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[14 Nov 2005|06:57pm]
I feel like updating because today has gone fairly well.. work was the same old boring, work with Vic and fuck off in the backroom the last couple hours.. I got home and waited for my X-mas present to get here. My dad let me order it early this year.. for the past 3 years I've gotten hard drives.. 60 gig, 120gig, 250gig.. the prices have gone from 2$ per gig to now 30 cents per gig.. quite an improvement. If only gas prices did the same thing. Today was already going well because this new video card really helped my entire setup of 4 computers, each computer gets handed down 1 card from the next best one up. Anyone want to buy a Geforce 3 Ti200? Cheap! I've been in a good mood because Cassie said she would comeover around 8 when she gets home from work.. now for the really good mood boost is.. TomTom just e-mailed me telling me there is a position open and it would be perfect for me. Money would be so nice right now.. a new job ahhh! I hope this works out.

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[06 Nov 2005|07:29pm]
I'm realizing how much my life is just a huge change all the time.. all the girls i've gone through since the start of the year.. 5 cars in 2 years.. new hobby's all the time.. I can never stick with one thing.. If I do it's hardly ever. Why do I always need change? I even do it with friends, I just keep finding more and more.. there are so many kids I hungout with as a child I have not seen or talked to in so long.

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[06 Oct 2005|01:10pm]
I'm bored enough to post here..

New albums I reccommend people checking out..

Sevendust - Next (I just got it before it's released this coming teusday, kicks ass)
Crownevict (local band out of Manchester, NH)
System of a down - mezmerize
Genuflect - demo cd.. (reminds me of the first Reveille CD, for any Reveille fans definitly check this out)
Smile Empty Soul (I really like there new cd)
Disturbed (I have not listened to this yet)
Staind (also have not listened to this much yet)
Bloodhound Gang (I have only listened to a few songs, but it sounds good)
311 (same with above, only listened to a few)
Avenged Sevenfold (only listened to about half of it, but i'm really into the song Bat Country)
Dredg (kind of a unique sound, dunno I like it)
Silent Civilian (Spineshank fans.. this is the band Johnny is now in)
Cold (I really like the new single off this cd)
Children Of Bodom (I really like the new cd, just more of what these guys put out and its awesome)
Coheed and Cambria (I don't have this cd but the new single is very good, I have heard good things)
Deftones (the new b-sides and rareties cd, I really like this cd.. Mostly the acoustic songs.. free listen on myspace)
Ill Nino (I really like the new cd)
Killradio (I saw these guys live with mindless self indulgence, really catchy tunes)
Mindless Self Indulgence (If your a fan what so ever get this cd)
Strapping Yound Lad (I like the new cd to, just gotta be into the genre)
Sum 41 (Really enjoying the new cd)
Tommy Lee (He has a new cd out, I listened to it a bit and like what I heard)

I'm sure I missed a few or have even mentioned some of these already in other posts but whatever.

Lately i've been mostly listening to Muse.. really good stuff.

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